Zoom H4N Pro Portable Audio Recorder

I picked up this recorder a few months ago for recording cockpit audio and various amateur recording tasks where I might want better audio in the field than what simply recording with my phone is capable of.  It’s a bit large and the audio quality is massive overkill if you just want it for cockpit audio but I wanted something more versatile.  As Zoom proclaims, the mic preamps are excellent, having made some excellent test recordings from some higher end condenser mics in the studio.  The built-in microphones are excellent; not as good as a high quality condenser microphone on the XLR inputs, but for voice and some limited percussion recordings I tried, they’re very good.  The wind screens on the built-in microphones aren’t going to block out any wind but for recording normal speech from a distance they’re functional.  The auto-level is very handy for recording in the cockpit with such widely varying levels, especially in rental planes where I don’t have the opportunity to really sit and play to get things just right.

Updated: October 18, 2021 — 9:53 PM

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