Padgene DZ09 Smart (ish) Watch

Somehow between the shower and the office I lost my watch (just an el-cheapo digital no big loss) so in looking for a replacement I came across these cheap “smart” watches on Amazon for just under 20 bucks.  This looked like the nicest of the myriad Chinese knockoffs so I figured I’d spend at least that on a new watch so I went ahead and ordered one.  The bluetooth sync with the phone works well and controls the phone and transfers audio that can be played on the impressively loud speaker, but it is sadly lacking in any of the features (apps if you will) that you’d usually find on a watch.  While the ability to use my watch to answer calls is admittedly cool, I doubt I’d use it for much else, and some of the apps are poorly implemented, the most notable is the calendar that doesn’t sync to anything and doesn’t even come up with the current date by default.  Also the battery life so far isn’t that great if you leave the bluetooth on or use it much during the day.  You’ll pretty much need to charge it every night.  If I had it to do again I’d just buy a regular watch with more watch-like functionality.

Updated: October 18, 2021 — 9:53 PM

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