Stratux AHRS Android App under development

Okay so here’s the problem.  I started using Garmin Pilot because I didn’t have an iPad and it seemed like the best option at the time (about two years ago).  Yes, I know there are lots of other options that provide nearly all or maybe even more now but once you get married to an app and learn how everything works it’s hard to switch, even as someone who writes software for a living.  Garmin doesn’t support the Stratux ADS-B receiver, that also provides AHRS and GPS position.  I tried several different possibilities to get Garmin Pilot to recognize the data stream but never got it working to a usable state so instead I decided to just write a dedicated app for Android that displays the AHRS, traffic and GPS position.  Once it’s to a stable, usable, tested state, I’ll make it publicly available.

Updated: October 18, 2021 — 9:53 PM