The Great American Eclipse 2017 at West Carolina Regional

It was a long day of flying but worth it.  About three and a half hours there and another three and a half back over mostly mountains and some weaving around clouds to stay VFR but we made it there in time for the eclipse and were back home just before dark.  We stopped at Mountain Empire to refuel which wasn’t really necessary.  We made it from West Carolina Regional back home with well over an hour of fuel to spare on the way back flying mostly direct.  The eclipse was well worth seeing in complete totality.  Others who only saw the partial eclipse were very underwhelmed.  Even at 98% coverage there is still enough light for it to just get a bit darker and not be able to see the halo.  At totality it really is impressive and you are able to see the eclipse for a couple minutes without eye protection.  The trip was worth it even if the airports did overcharge for fuel.