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Paxcess Power Bank

I was really how well this power bank performed on a recent four-day camping trip out in southwestern Arkansas.  It powered my CPAP machine all four nights for six to eight hours each, partially charged my phone one night and completely charged another camper’s iPhone.  It still had somewhere between empty and 20% capacity remaining […]

Ammo Box Power Supply

This was a quick project made mostly from stuff I already had.  I had seen the small plastic ammo boxes at Walmart but never really needed one since I prefer the larger 50cal metal cans for storing ammo.  In any case I built a Stratux ADS-B receiver that required more current draw than what my […]

Our flight to Shenendoah

Dominique is still getting used to the whole small plane thing so for her first bonafide cross-country trip we flew out to KSHD Shenendoah, stopped to stretch our legs, then back home.  In hindsight somewhere a little less scenic might have been a better choice with the wind that whips around the hills there but […]

Winchester Area Flight

Flight from back towards the end of April after getting checked out in the Piper Warrior, basically just getting some experience as I was planning to purchase a Piper Cherokee or Warrior.  As of this writing I’m the proud owner of a Piper Cherokee since the beginning of June.  I just haven’t posted in a […]

Wife’s first flight!

I mounted an action camera in the cockpit for Dominique’s first small aircraft plane ride (she’s flown commercial lots of times but never in a small general aviation plane).  The expression of sheer terror on her face turning instantly to overjoyed when we touched down safe and sound is pretty funny.