Bede BD-4C Build Log

May 3 through July 24th, 2021

Through all of May, June and July there have been several breaks as I had a long business trip and we’re doing some landscaping around a large deck at home that’s taking some time to finish but I’m still making decent progress. The cabin is complete except for the fuel lines, reinforcement steel tubing welded in the front, the floor and firewall cut to size and installed. I’m hoping that doesn’t run much past about mid August. I’m told getting materials is a nightmare likely due to the scamdemic but availability of the landing gear as the next kit should be about the same time I finish up what’s left so I’m hoping it won’t be too big a deal.

May 3 through July 22, finishing up the cabin and starting the tail section.

Finishing up the nose gear support
Door frames and main spar support
Main spar installed, just held with clamps to keep it from rolling backward
Getting the position just right
Closer view
Left side was perfect, right side needed some work. As you can see the right side is still on upside down as I hadn’t got to it yet after realizing after the initial check for fit that it was upsside down. You can see it was late and I was dog tired.
Et voila
Working on lining up and fitting the two back brackes and retaining strap for main spar
Bottom spar back brace