Cherokee 140 For Sale

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Last updated: Nov 6, 2020

Asking Price: $33,000

Hangared at: KHWY.

N450FL has served me well but it’s time to make room in the hangar for a kit project so I’ve decided to sell this 1971 PA28-140.

Up front, the starter works but really needs to be replaced/refurbished. Both magnetos are working fine but are well over TBO and need to be replaced. Other than those easily replaced items it is in very good shape.

The forward interior was redone two years ago. The rear has always been used as a cargo area with the rear seats removed so I didn’t bother redoing the rear area. The two rear seats will be sold with the plane and installed back where they go if the buyer wants.

Two cylinders are brand new with about 30 or 40 hours on them and all of the ignition wiring and hoses are new. The engine is a 140 hp Lycoming O-320 with a Penn Yann conversion that increases temporary power to 160 hp.

The air intake was recently refurbished and the fiberglass that forms it is all new.

The front light is a new LED type.

All instruments are functional. A non-functional ADF receiver was removed and the tray functions as a small glove box. It is ADS-B compliant with a uAvionix SkyBeacon on the left wingtip. The panel lighting is all LED backlit. Avionics include a Bendix King KX-155 Nav/Com with Glideslope, Collins AMR-350 Audio/Marker, Narco DME 890, Garmin GTX-327 transponder.

The original paint is a faded in places but overall condition is fair. The glass is in very good condition but the smaller rear windows have some sparkling.

The brakes are the handbrake type with no brakes on the rudder pedals. The elevator trim is the handle on the headliner type. There is a rudder trim dial for however useful you may find it.

The wing leveler autopilot is non-functional. I was told by the previous owner it would be easy to make it functional again but I never investigated how much it would cost.

Paint is fair. The wingtips, main wheel pants and spinner have been refurbished with new paint but the rest of the plane has original paint.

Aircraft is currently out of annual by a few months (last annual was September). If the annual has not been performed before sale, I would be willing to reduce the price by the cost of a new starter and magnetos that are known to be at end of life.

I have all the airframe and engine logs.

TSMOH: Approximately 1230 Hours

TTAF: Approximately 6210 Hours

Left Wing view and ADS-B Out transmitter
ADS-B Out transmitter
Left side
Nose gear
Right wing
Right Step
Right Main
Right Tail
Left Tail
Left view from Tail
Left Flaps and Ailerons
Open Door 1
Open Door 2
Rear seats removed for larger cargo area (top)
Rear seats removed for larger cargo area (bottom)
Panel 1 – Collins Audio/Marker
Panel 2 – King KX-155 Com and Nav
Panel 3 – Garmin GTX-327 and Narco 890 DME
Rudder Pedals 1
Rudder Pedals 2, Handbrake and Rudder Trim
Rudder Pedals 3
Panel Switches
Left Wheel Pant 1
Left Wheel Pant 2
Data Plate